My name is Katie Cates – I am a costume designer.


I am a self-taught designer.  I am constantly learning and exploring new tricks into creating the best quality costume.  This blog will expose those tricks and skills.  I will also talk about potential the benefits of wearing costumes as well as how unique the lifestyle can be.  I will also cover some basic tips on how to start a small business.  These skills can be applied to costume and clothing making as well as just simply pursuing a personal business.

I am currently attending the University of Nevada (UNR).  I am expected to graduate in the summer of 2017 with a business degree.  I am perusing to open my personal online business selling my original work and designs.  My plan is to explore even further and invite others to my site and welcome them to sell their own work on the site as well.  I hope to create a website that the customer as well as the seller can access all the necessities for their costume/clothing designs on the site.  However, those are just ideas to my overall goal: to make a business out of selling my costumes.  I aim to be a business owner and an entrepreneur.

Thank you for visiting my blog.  Please share anything that you find inspiring or helpful.  Thanks!


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